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Our Technical Experiences

  • Cloud Computing
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Service Oriented Architecture
    • Microservices
    • Domain Driven Design
  • Realtime & Complex Event Processing
    • Kdb+/q
    • ZeroMQ
    • Kafka
    • Spark
  • No-SQL
    • ElasticSearch
    • Hadoop
    • Cassandra
    • Kdb+
  • Relational Database Management Systems
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • MySql
    • PostgreSql
    • Oracle

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Software Architecture & Code Quality Assessment

  • General coding practices assessment
  • Architectural assessments
    • Testability assessment
    • Complexity assessment
    • Fault tolerance assessment
    • High availability assessment
    • Scalability assessment
  • Secure coding practices assessment

Software Development Consultancy

  • Includes Software Architecture & Code Quality Assessment +
  • Mid term and long term architectural transformation plan
  • Mid term and long term tech migration plan
  • Defining corporate software standards
  • Developing corporate app framework, software development infrastructure components
  • Enterprise level proof of concept project for specific tech or business requirements


If you are having any troubles with your systems we are here to assist you. We have really experienced team and look forward to hear your troubles, if you are having any...

  • Detecting specific or generic issues on your systems
  • Detecting bottlenecks and recommending or implementing solutions
  • Detecting crash root causes and how to eliminating them
  • Detecting configuration or infrastructure issues
  • Empowering your troubleshooting implementation and infrastructure

IT Assessment

  • Infrastructure Assessment (What is the best options you have, cloud, your own data center, etc)
  • Mid Term and Long Term IT Strategy Plan
    • Technology
    • Human Resources
    • Training
    • Investment
  • IT Processes Assessment
  • Tooling Assessment

Cloud Compatibility Assessment

  • Cloud scalability assessment
  • Cloud automation assessment
  • Cloud tech mapping
  • Mid term and Long term migration plan


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